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Valarie Jenkins

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★= Michigan Women's Series

✿ = Poppy Series (Northern California Women's Series)

♀ = New England Women's Series








April 9-10 - Texas Women's Championship, Round Rock, TX - Facebook Page

★ April 16 - Ladies Smashin' It, Belding, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #1) - Register Here

✿ April 16 - Chick Chuck, Grass Valley and Penn Valley, CA (Poppy Series Event #1) - Register Here



May 14 - PDGA Women's Global Event, At a Course Near You! - 

★ May 14 - WGE- Les Fleurs de Fallasburg, Lowell, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #2)- Register Here

♀ May 14 - March on Maple- WGE, Leicester, MA (New England Women's Series Event #1)

✿ May 14-15 - WGE- Daisy Chains Women's Tournament, Watsonville, CA (Poppy Series Event #2) - Register Here
May 21 - Throw Pink, Yorktown Heights, NY - Facebook Page


★ June 4-5 - 10th Annual Disc Girls Gone Wild Presented by MC Sports, Mt. Pleasant, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #3)- Register Here

♀ June 11 - Beauties @ Bellamy, Dover, NH (New England Women's Series Event #2)

✿ June 18 - June Bug Classic, Lodi, CA (Poppy Series Event #3) - Register Here

★ June 26 - Chicks With Discs, Leonard, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #4)- Find it on 



★ July 9 - Kalamazoo Ladies Classic, Climax, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #5)- Find it on 

♀ July 10 - Ladies of Woodland Valley, Limerick, ME (New England Women's Series Event #3) - website

✿ July 16-17 - Frying Pan (Poppy Series Event #4 Co-Ed)

★ July 30 - Girls at Flip, Shelby, MI (Michigan Women's Series Event #6)- Find it on 

♀ July 30 - Devens Women's Open, Devens, MA (New England Women's Series Event #4)



✿ August 6 - Super Charlies Angels, Pioneer Park (Poppy Series Event #5)

✿ August 20 - Hot Mamas, Chico CA (Poppy Series Event #6)

♀ August 20 - Dolls Play Stonykill, Chatham, NY (New England Women's Series Event #5)

✿ August 27 - Name Pending, Black Mouse, CA (Poppy Series Event #7)

August 27 - Ladies First Sparkle Open


 ♀ September 23-25 - United States Women's Disc Golf Championship, Sabbatus, ME (New England Women's Series Event #6) - Register Here

✿ September 24 - Mama Bears, Truckee, CA (Poppy Series Event #8)



  *Consider hosting your own PDGA Sanctioned Women's Event in October, every woman that plays in your event the PDGA will Donate $2 to Breast Cancer Research!

October 16 - 3rd Annual Darlings of Disc Golf, Arlington, TX - Facebook Page

 ♀ October 19 - Dames Drive the Dam (Bring Your Own Partner), North Grosvenordale, CT (New England Women's Series Event #7)

✿ October 22-23 - Monarch Migration (Poppy Series Event Finals)

October 29-30 - La Niña Open, Selah, WA - Facebook Page








15 Jan 2014


Alessa DG4WLogo

Welcome to our page dedicated to Women Disc Golfers! Created in 2011, through the funding of Team KEEN fundraiser disc sales, we are the first female Disc Golfer site bringing people together. Through the site and its articles, as well as our Facebook group, we have been able to connect the communication ties of women all striving to help grow the sport of Disc Golf as well as the number of ladies that play it. 

Now, have you read all that and don't know what Disc Golf is? Well, let us be the first to introduce you! Our main collective competitive body is known as the Professional Disc Golf Association (but is welcoming to all levels of players). Their website will guide you through "What is Disc Golf" to the "Official Rules", and from there you can check out the Tournament Schedule and what's happening with Disc Golf around the world. 

Now, you came here for a reason - Women's Disc Golf. This site is created to spread information about women’s Disc Golf out to those places where there is only 1 woman player (you all know who you are!). This page we've created offers video bios of the best female Disc Golfers, instructional articles, a women’s league directory, and a calendar of Women Only Disc Golf tournaments through the year. You don’t have to be a touring professional, you don’t have to play every day, but if you love Disc Golf this site is for you. We can only grow if we continue to learn what will help and share what we know.

Women have been a minority in the sport of Disc Golf for decades, but now is the time to change that! Our main goal is to grow the numbers of women that play Disc Golf by providing an informational site directed toward all aspects of women Disc Golfers. So, take a look around the page, learn a few new tips, find a women’s league near you and get out to the course already!


Santa ListNewsletterHappy Holidays! This year, while you are trying to figure out what to get for your favorite Disc Golfers, let be your guide! For the first 20 days of December, we will be highlighting a Disc Golf company or product to help you complete your Christmas shopping list and get it there by the big day! Stay tuned each day to find the perfect gift for the Disc Golf fanactic in your life!


December 1  GRIP Equipment A-Series Tour Bag
December 2  KanJam - "The Game for Everyone"
 December 3  The Towch - "The Pouch That's Also a Towel"
 December 4 dgNomad - Glow Chains - basket attachment 
December 5

Disc Golf Photography & Art -

(Leah Taylor, Marble Jones, Lauren Lakeberg, Cam Todd)

December 6

Disc-Diva - Knee Socks, Jewerly, Wood Minis, Engraved Frames

December 7

ZU Glass Works - Glass Disc Golf Baskets

December 8

Knit Knacked - Custom Disc Golf Knit Beanies

December 9

Custom Wire Disc Golf Basket Ornaments

December 10

Disc Golf Gear - (Huk Lab, DiscGolf4Women, Anhyzer Designs,
Soul Flight, Crush, Paragon, CherryBomm

December 11

2014 Women's Calendar

December 12

Chain Banging Jewelry - by the Climax Ladies Disc Golf Club

December 13

Niteize Flashflight LED Frisbees and Discs

December 14

Zippo Reusable Hand Warmers

December 15  Golden Retriever - "Disc Retriever"
December 16  Registering for "The Memorial presented by Discraft"
December 17  KEEN Footwear or Giftcard
December 18

 Team KEEN fundraiser discs sold by Valarie Jenkins, Nate Doss,

Avery JenkinsDave Feldberg, and Ken Climo

December 19  Give a Disc and Teach others Disc Golf!
December 20  Buy your fav female player a PDGA Membership! *Use WOMENNEW40 for 40% off, NEW membership only!




This is a tough decision for many young players out there, and a tough decision I had to make after graduating from high school. I knew that I wasn’t ready for college right out of high school because like many kids, I had no idea what I wanted to “do with my life”. What I did know was that I wanted to travel and continue competing in Disc Golf tournaments as I had been doing for years with my family.

My guidance counselor at school did not understand my “untypical lifestyle” so he did not help out much with helping me research online schools, so I just decided to “take a year off”.

KEEN Footwear has been gracious enough to bring a new life to the Disc Golf Community in the past 5 years. They have created 3 versions of a Disc Golf shoes, they gave away over 400 pairs of shoes to the PDGA World Championships, 180 shoes to the US Disc Golf Championships which has provided reliable and durable footwear to a majority of the Disc Golfers out on tour.

I am a proud member of the KEEN Disc Golf team, and for the past 2 years we have been given the opportunity to sell KEEN Fundraiser Discs to raise $1,000 to give to the charity/organization of our choice. At this point, we are not winning huge payouts like many other Professional sports, so this is an excellent opportunity for us to give back to the sport that has taken us around the world.

Now follow your favorite disc golfers on and off the course! Click and follow these ladies through Facebook, Twitter, the personal websites, and Instagram to stay in the know!

Growing up in this sport, Valarie is devoted to playing and promoting Disc Golf around the world.

She's racked up 3 Masters World Championship titles while raising a couple of kids who later became World Champions, it must be in the DNA. She continues to play and give back to the sport as her and her husband travel around the US.

Sarah's sidearm has proven shes one of the best as she racked up a recent National title along with her World title.

Get to know World Champion and US Women's Champion with a Quick 18...  

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