Quick 18 with Des Reading

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This "Master" of Disc Golf has won 3 World Championships and countless other prestigious titles, but what does Des do off the course?

1. What did you want to be when you " grew up"?

An artist, so I guess a dreamer would be the answer. I still want to be this.

2. Name a place you dream of visiting.

New Zealand

3. What's your all time favorite movie?


4. Name your ideal week off the disc golf tour?

Kayaking or canoeing somewhere.

5. Name 3 people you follow on Twitter?

I follow no one.

6. Who's your favorite female athlete?

Billie Jean King

7. What's your favorite disc golf outfit?

Corduroys, a Patagonia black Merino 2 zip down and my KEEN shoes.

8. What's your favorite tournament of the year?

Beaver State Fling

9. Did you play sports in school? if so, what did you play?

I lettered 17 times in high school athletics. 5 years softball (lettered as an 8th grader), 4x volleyball, 4x basketball, 1x track and 3x golf. 

10. What was the best concert you ever went to?

I have been to so many shows it is like asking me what my all-time favorite course is. I will just default to a Grateful Dead show at Deer Creek where we used to ride our bikes from the campground to the show. It made for a total experience. 

11. If you won the lottery what would you do first?

Pay off the mortgages of my long time dear friends. 

12. What was your first job?


13. Name 3 things (besides discs) in your disc golf bag?

Zombie string doll, marbles that I find, business cards.

14. What's your favorite traveling pastime?

Visiting local breweries.

15. Favorite place to eat at on the road?

I support local eateries on the road so I don't have a uniform answer for that one unless the 'Conch' would apply which is the name for our motor-home. I eat there the most. 

16. If you were a superhero, what power would you have?

Transporting through time or distance. 

17. What's the most played on your ipod or Favorite pandora station?

I basically always push shuffle but the first station I logged into my Pandora account was Prince. I did just buy a record player and have loving the sweet sound of vinyl plus hunting for records while on tour. 

18. Describe yourself in 3 words.?

Easy, direct, peaceful.

Last modified on 02 Sep 2014

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