Valarie Jenkins

Valarie Jenkins

10 Nov 2013

Putting Practice

Question from Heather:

How do improve my putting? How do I practice putting so I can create better putting habits? Thank you!!

Val’s Response:

Now, I will be the first to admit that I do not like practicing. Practicing to me takes the fun out of the game for me, like homework almost. But there are the rare occasions that I get out the backyard and the one thing that I work on is my putting. Although, I might not be the best role model for putting, I can also say that it dramatically helps create positive reinforcement when you step out on the course.

10 Nov 2013

Putting 101

Here are a few of my putting tips that I use when I step behind the mini and gaze into those shiny chains…

1. Focus- Instead of focusing on the basket as a whole, focus on an area of links that you want to hit. This will narrow your focus and allow you to more accurate hit your intended goal.

2. Repeat your Mantra- I always have some sort of mantra that I say to myself as I am focusing on my putt. I relate it to what I am having trouble with to try and tell myself to remember. I stick to one simple saying like “reach” or “aim high”, or even “give it your all, Val!”

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Ask a Pro: Round 2 with Elaine King


Question from Karen: 

Everyone talks about the importance of arm speed, but I haven't heard much about what you can do to improve it. Do you know of any exercises or drills that can help improve arm speed? With winter coming on, indoor exercises would be even better.

The follow-through is a very important part of the whole throwing technique. It completes the throw by allowing the player to utilize all of their power, instead of stopping shot and limiting it. The follow through is the key to so many other sports too. Think of a baseball players swing, a soccer players kick, a tennis players serve. They all follow through because it is the offset of all the power exuded in their “strike point”, or our release.

Tips to help save you strokes on the course without even practicing. Putting and driving can give you the advantage on the course, but these tips can give you the advantage over the field. If you can remember one or two of these tips, you can use them for your lifetime in the game.

1. Take Your Bag Off!

It’s an easy tip, but I’ve seen it too many times. Unless the shot is right under the basket and your hand can reach the chains, take your bag off! If you don’t practice putt with your bag on, why would you have it on while your putt in a tournament? It can throw your body off balance, not allow your extend your arm, and most importantly cause you to miss the putt. Take your bag off, drop in the putt, and move on to the next one.

10 Nov 2013

Stuck in a Rut

Question from Lisa:

After playing for many years I seem to have found a rut. My game is ok but I would like more. Any ideas how you can keep things fresh and have a little growth? After playing for so long it's hard to see the little changes.

Response from Val:

Hey Lisa,

I hear ya, playing so much can really cause repetition in your game, which may not always be a good thing. One thing I would suggest, if you haven’t done this already, think of the part of your game that is lacking, or a certain throw that you don’t have in your bag. I

DiscGolf4Women Facebook Question: "What would you recommend as a bag of starter discs for a lady who is a non-athlete with little upper body strength or conditioning?"

The Ladies of DiscGolf4Women Facebook Group Respond:

 G.R. – “Shark - great beginner disc.”

A.S. – “My favorite was the Roc when I was learning, but later I found the Cobra, which was similar, but easier for me to grip, because the lip was a little shallower. I experimented with 160 class, but 180 acted about the same for me, and handled better if there was wind. I have a couple Sharks I tried, and they are nice, too. Personally, I kept finding myself trusting the Roc (and now Cobra) more.

G.B. – “150 DX leopard”

G.B. – “Stingray or Buzzz”

From Ultimate to Disc Golf, 2x Masters World Champion, Barrett White loves the flight...

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