This will be the catchall for articles that feature ways to train and cross train for Disc Golf. 



Somedays we just don’t have time to stretch before heading out to the course. And then once you get to the course, good luck finding a clean area to do some traditional stretches. So, here are some stretches that don’t involve sitting, laying, or getting the ground, but will still get your body prepared for your round of Disc Golf! 

 Last, but certainly not least, lets focus on stretching out our arms. I’m sure you’ve heard about someone that has blown out their shoulder or hurt their elbow playing Disc Golf. While that does have a lot to do with the fluidity of their throw, it can also be the result of forcing tight arm muscles to preform when they’re not ready. Try out these moves to strengthen and stretch those Frisbee throwers.

You may not realize the miles that you walk around the course playing Disc Golf, but it really does take a toll on your entire body if your legs are too tight. If you don’t stretch out your legs, you’ll start to feel it up into your lower back causing other issues. There are plenty of moves to choose from in this extended issue, so you’ve got plenty to chose from!

Disclaimer as always: Don’t push your body past what you can handle. You may bring yourself to an uncomfortable or challenging position, but if it starts to be painful - BACK OFF! You’ll notice how inflexible you are with these moves, but keep at it and these stretches will get easier and your legs will appreciate it! 

I need to start out by saying these poses are NOT recommended for anyone with a back injury, as these moves may make them worse. If you have mild back pain, these moves may help to relieve the tightness. No matter what you do, listen to your body and never push yourself past what you can handle. 

Our backs contain large muscle groups that we use everyday from active movements to just sitting up. We may find ourselves slouching through the day on a computer, or maybe causing a stiff back from driving in the car, or maybe you just played a couple rounds of Disc Golf. Whatever it may be these moves can be so beneficial to your body to keep your back and spine healthy! Enjoy!

You expect a lot out of your hips during the disc golf throw, let alone all those miles and miles you walk on the course. Your hips store a lot of energy and when they tighten up, you will feel it up into your back and down in your legs. Use all these moves in series for best results, or take the moves you like and incorporate them into your pre- or post-round routine to prevent injuries.

Disclaimer: Some of these moves can be intense, so listen to your body and do not force it past what you can handle. Always take it slow and breathe into the moves to prevent straining. Especially with your body’s larger muscles like your hips, it takes time for them to relax and release, so be patient and your body will thank you!

These yoga moves below are intended to stretch and open up your chest and shoulders, key muscle groups used in the Disc Golf throw. Incorporating these and other yoga moves into your routine will help with your flexibility and more importantly prevent injuries. 

Disclaimer- You should avoid these moves if you have any shoulder injuries or shoulder surgery. Listen to your body and never push yourself past your limits. If you begin to feel any tingling or pain, back off of the intensity of the stretch!

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