Hannah Leatherman Photo by Dave Sage

Photo by Dave Sage

Sabattus, Maine

September 23-25, 2016

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Congratulations on building up the nerves to play in your very first tournament! Whether you’re just playing for fun or you’re playing to win, there are a few things to know before your first tournament so that you, and your fellow players, have the best time out there!

The following reflects research and comments collected from the ladies on our Facebook page… 

According to our Poll:

21 voted for “Too Expensive”

14 voted for “No Babysitter”

7 voted for “Not enough Competition, not enough women playing”

4 voted for “Not enough time to practice”

Question from Julia:

What's it like to be a Professional Disc Golfing Woman?

Response from Des:

 Hi Julia,

I have been a professional disc golfer since 2001. It has been a wonderful experience that has been full of unique opportunities to travel, meet new people, and teach others about the lifetime sport of disc golf.

Since starting this website, I've received many requests from ladies wanting to learn "how to start a women's league." I have been a part of several women's leagues, and, of course, have heard many great ideas that women use to in their leagues; so I created a list! Hopefully these tips can help you start up your very own women's league in your area. A women's league is a great way to get women to come out to the course in a positive, fun, and encouraging way seperate from the intimidation they may feel when playing with guys. If you have any helpful tips that you think I should add to the list Contact Us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Valarie Jenkins

Event coordinator, Denny Ritner, teamed up with Juliana Korver, 5x Women’s World Champion, to create the all women’s tournament La Vie En Rose in Live Oak, FL. This event boasted success in 2009 and 2010 with 60 women in attendance from all over the United States. Denny was determined to spread the word about his event to get more women to play. And to speak from experience – the tournament was a BLAST!

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