Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

Appropriately marking your lie and creating a legal stance behind your marker is often problem on the disc golf course because of the different circumstances we face. Whether you're just learning the game or you're a seasoned Pro; it is important to understand these rules for the fairness of the game and give yourself an advantage when it comes to marking your disc correctly.

Knowing and abiding by the rules makes Disc Golf a fair game for everyone playing. Unfortunately, there are no referees so we are the ones to enforce the rules on the course, even in the heat of the competition. It is always a difficult situation for me, and I assume for other players out there, to acknowledge the problem without it ruining the friendly competition. So, I asked the ladies on our Facebook Group how they handle it when someone in their group is not playing by the rules. Read below for their suggestions and experiences…

We have all been there- You are stuck behind an obstacle and working to get a good balanced stance behind the disc while trying to get the best angle around the obstacle. We try out multiple stances trying to find that one that feel comfortable. The hardest part of this all is trying to pull off a great shot without falling over and committing a foot fault.

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