Disc Golfing Moms

Disc Golfing Moms

The question that frequently arises when talking about Disc Golf and kids is how to get them more involved in the sport. You’ll soon realize, if you haven’t already, children that have the attention span of, well, children. J Read below about some tips and techniques that parents have used to teach their kids Disc Golf and keep them engaged.

It's time to get back on the Course!

With the new bundle of joy and the million new responsibilties there are many reasons to keep a New mom from getting back to the Disc Golf course. This, however, does not have to be the case. Whether you bring the child or not, Disc Golf is a great opportunity for that much needed "Me time". Read the advice from the DG4W ladies about how they got back to the course after having children and how they made it work.

Why You Should Play, When You shouldn't, and Advice From Those Who've Gone Through It... 

Let’s face it; one main reason that more women don’t play disc golf is because life’s priorities take the reigns. Pregnancy is a prime example of what takes women away the disc golf course, but ladies; this doesn’t have to be the case! I reached out to the women on the DiscGolf4Women.com Facebook page for some answers to “Disc Golfing while Pregnant Questions” and found some very inspiring stories.

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