Casual Round

Casual Round

This is a tough decision for many young players out there, and a tough decision I had to make after graduating from high school. I knew that I wasn’t ready for college right out of high school because like many kids, I had no idea what I wanted to “do with my life”. What I did know was that I wanted to travel and continue competing in Disc Golf tournaments as I had been doing for years with my family.

My guidance counselor at school did not understand my “untypical lifestyle” so he did not help out much with helping me research online schools, so I just decided to “take a year off”.

I remember my first year of disc golf- 2007. I moved to Minnesota from Ohio that fall, and winter disc golf was a rude awakening to me. One of my first winter rounds, I managed to lose 3 discs on one hole, which made me so frustrated that I quit that day. I got myself a winter disc golf education from the rest of the crazy Minnesotans who will play regardless of the course conditions or temperature. The round that made me realize I may officially be a Minnesotan (and partially insane) was when it was -7 out, and my brother and I decided to go throw a round because it was a heat wave (had been -20 or worse for over a week). Anyways, check out these tips and see what works for you.

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